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Tina's Country House

Has anyone been there? I have read good things, but nothing really about pricing aside from it was "good". They have a brochure on their website bit all the prices are empty....

Re: Tina's Country House

  • I've passed by it 100 times. It seems okay. Never been inside it.
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  • My FMIL highly recommended it.
    "Did you check out that Tina's country house? That one is nice and they have an outdoor venue for the ceremony also. I have been to 4 weddings there and the food has always been outstanding."

    I did get a price from them when I was searching (we decided on Zuccaro's in Chesterfield) and I'm imagining that the price at Tina's was between $30 and $40 per person for buffet. I don't have the pricing in my e-mail anymore or I'd forward it. I do remember that they were very quick to get back with me with information.
  • I went and checked out Tina's because I had heard some good thing about it as well. The outside (once you get past the restaurant and a really bumpy parking lot) has an outdoor area for a ceremony and pictures but the inside has little to be said. It looks old and dated, even a little sad. The woman who gave us our information there (I cant remember her name, and she wasn't very friendly or helpful) did tell us that they were doing some remodeling soon, but booking a place without seeing the end product scares me, and I quickly eliminated it from my list. Plus there are three banquet rooms there with the possibility of three different weddings going on on the same night. Definitely not my ideal situation. Try Avante on Gratiot, south of 16. It just opened in November and is a beautiful building...the owners used to own the Mirage on 19 Mile Road and now own Catering 2 You. That was a tie for my second venue choice and I have heard nothing but good things about them.
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