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Less than ONE YEAR to go!! :)

Anyone else feel like that is totally surreal??? We got engaged in September of 2013 and it really seemed like our wedding date would NEVER come... now we are less than a year away and it just feels crazy! But at the same time, I wish it was sooner...
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Re: Less than ONE YEAR to go!! :)

  • I agree, I want it to be sooner. I cannot wait to call my fiance, my husband! 
  • It's crazy. We got engaged in June and didn't pick a date for a while. We were going to do June but then changed to March. I constantly am having wedding dreams/nightmares! I can't wait until the wedding day!
  • I am feeling the little jitters and excitement.  I think everything is intensified since I have a lot of other life changes coming up in the following months on top of the wedding planning.  We got engaged Memorial Day of 2013, so it's been a long engagement (saving money and all) and reality suddenly hit us in January as to how close it is coming.  Now that it is T minus one year, all the energy is building up!
  • @syanke I totally know what you are saying... it's like suddenly we are less than a year away and everything is amplified!! I'm a teacher so summer is really when I can get a lot done, and summer is creeping up quickly and the to-do list is building. Minor moments of stress are happening for sure. Ahhh!
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