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Hello All,
My name is Tiffany. I am 23 and have been dating my fiance for 7 years in November! We are high school sweethearts, you can say. Needless to say when he proposed on Christmas Eve I was more then happy he FINALLY proposed. We have lived together for over 3 years but recently bought our first house this year. He joined the Marines Corps Reserve out of high school and does that part time along with his regular full-time job. I work full time also so we are both pretty busy. 1 fur-baby named Shooter, no kids yet. We plan on starting that after the wedding ;) I go to school part time, sell Scentsy part time, and am a beginning coupon-er...all while planning this wedding.

Our venue is on a small lake here in Michigan. The ceremony is outside under a pavilion and the reception is inside. We are having some BBQ pulled pork and comfort food, and open bar, photo booth, and cupcakes! I am trying to be a DIY bride. We are paying for our wedding ourselves so it must be within our set budget. I am beyond excited to marry him, and that is what is important. Our venue is more laid back- and that's fine by us. It's just important to celebrate with our families.

Looking forward to meeting you all- hearing about your plans- and helping each other not stress out too much ;)

Trying to lose 15 pounds before Oct. so  I can try on some dresses!!!!
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    Tiffany101015 Congratulations! I had been dating my fiance for 7 years before he proposed as well! We even had a child together! I'm assuming by your name your wedding date is 10-10-15?? So is mine! Your location and ideas sound beautiful! 

    Good luck dropping some pounds! 
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    Thank you :) Yes, 10/10/2015! Can't wait!
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    Tiffany, I got engaged on Christmas Eve as well! I'm 21 and about to be a senior in college. My fiance and I are also high school sweethearts. We have the church and reception booked, but I wanted to wait until the fall to pick the photographer, DJ, etc. I really want the bridesmaids to be in purple, but I hope to incorporate different fall tones into the decorations. Your wedding sounds beautiful, and I can't wait to hear more about it! I love that it's on the lake. :) Nicole

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    Thank you! I am having trouble trying to figure out how I can have a BBQ Rustic/Country feel with my bling-y rose feel....I'm finding it very difficult.

    my colors are apple red & silver. I love anything with sparkle!

    My centerpiece is a cylinder vase filled with water, a single rose in the water, on a mirror, with tea lights surrounding it.  We opted for cupcakes with a small cake to cut. We are still young and want the "party" aspect with the fun music and drinking without going overboard. The place we are having it isn't your normal banquet hall and will need to be dressed up a bit. Decor will be hard. I don't want things to stick out or look weird.
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