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I found a musician I really like (so far) but am freaking out a little about his fee. Basically $1000 per person in the band. We can only afford the trio. He mentioned there was a small fee if we make any special requests. Turns out that small fee = $300. Is that normal? I was expecting maybe $75. I was so bummed to hear this, because I was really excited about him playing "our song," but not for $300 extra! We're going to end up having to play it off of an iPod instead, or picking another song. The fiancé is annoyed and said I should "fire him" and just get a DJ. Why is that everyone's first response when I vent about a vendor being unresponsive or expensive? "Fire them." It's not that easy people! It's taken me long enough to find these vendor. I can't go replacing all of them at the last minute. Ugh. I suck at wedding planning. 

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  • I'll admit that I don't have any experience hiring musicians or a band to play at my wedding. However, the idea that you could hire three live musicians to play at your wedding that won't play the songs YOU (the bride, the boss) wants to hear seems like the most ridiculous thing on the planet. You are paying them $3000 to play what they want to play? And only if they gouge you for another $300 will they play "your song"????? I understand your panic and frustration about finding other vendors, but I can kinda see your fiancé's point.
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  • Our band charges $250 for requests. But think about it, they are learning a new piece. Do you know how many hours they will put into learning another song? Do you have a grasp of how long they have to practice and play to stay good? 

    It will cover all three of those musicians to take time to learn your song. I don't know if it will be worth it for you, but that should help explain the costs a little more.
  • I know that bands are pricy, but I've never seen pricing at $1K per member.

    It will really boil down to what is most important to you and your guests. If after thinking about it and it turns out that you really want certain songs to be played, you have to ask yourself how much it is worth to hear them. Those are some of the most special parts of the reception, so it really is important to be on the same page with your FI.

    You mentioned not having time enough to replace the vendor at the last minute--when is your wedding?

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