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Unique honeymoon

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So my FI and I have decided to go to an amusement park / water park (whatever they're technically called) for our honeymoon. 

It fits who we are and our personalities perfectly. We're really big kids at heart and love to goof around and have fun.

We will have been engaged for 19 months by the time we're married and spent the first year looking at and talking about things like Cancun, Hawaii, Bahamas, Niagra Falls, etc and that seems "boring" to us.  (NOTE: I am not saying that anyone else who would go on a honeymoon to one of the places I mentioned is having a boring honeymoon. I know they won't. I mean that it would not be something we're into. Not trying to offend anyone)

We're thinking of going somewhere we've never been and that's out of the state we live in. Our number one pick right now is Cedar Point in San Dusky, OH. 

Totally excited :)
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