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Tablecloths-Renting vs Buying

Is it better to rent the tablecloths or buy them out right? My venue doesn't provide for them and I am trying to save money. Which option is better and where to go?? THANKS!!!

Re: Tablecloths-Renting vs Buying

  • My venue rented them, and I found an online dealer and they price matched... I think sometimes when you buy them you have to steam them and make sure that they look nice... so I don't know how much you really want to do all that... but if you get a popular color you can sell them back. My rate was $4 a table runner. And I chose a hunter green which I don't think I could have resold.
  • It depends. For us, it was way cheaper to buy them. DH was supposed to iron them, but he didn't and they looked fine enough. I hardly even noticed. We had rectangular tables, so we actually reuse those cloths all the time (plain white poly). We bought them from SmartyHadaParty.com.
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