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I think I found my dress...

Dress shopping honestly hasn't been a very exciting experience for me.  I didn't feel great in most of the dresses I tried on, and of the ones that were nice on, none really had that 'this is the one' feel.  But last week I tried on this dress, and I am pretty certain it is the one!  I still plan on shopping around a bit because there are a lot of places I haven't looked and this dress is a bit beyond my budget, but the last place I went to told me "just go and buy your dress already" so I don't really know.  I don't feel as bad spending a bit extra on this dress because we came quite a bit under budget with photography.  Should I keep looking or should I stick with this one?

Also,what would look good in terms of accessories?  I was thinking a birdcage veil with some sort of bejewelled embellishment.  My hair is about the same length as this model's but I could grow it a bit longer.  I originally had a low loose/messy updo in mind but now I think it actually looks nice down with this dress.  Dangly earrings and no necklace/bracelets?

Thanks in advance for any advice or input.



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