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Getting in Shape

Any great tips for quick/effective weight loss?

My wedding is Oct 11. When I meet FI I had recently lost about 50lbs. I've now added about 35lbs back on :( I'd like to loose the 35lbs and be just as hot as the day I meet him. Esp since I meet him at a pool party and my bikini was the first thing he noticed about me, he still talks about the "red and white polka dot bikini" today. I want to get back in that and look the way I did the first time he say me for our big day, and I'd love to get back in that bikini for the honeymoon! 

I'm starting to freak out because OMG its already April! Where does time go! Anyone have any great tips to share? I'm terrible at workout videos, I hate them, I feel so stupid jumping around my living room where everyone in the house can walk in at any time. I do an hour of cardio at least 5 days a week (running on treadmill) and just generally try to eat healthier, make smarter choices. I'm not really great at "diets", like the kind that require you to only eat certain things, I just try to stick to proteins, veggies and fruits. 

I really need to cut out the diet soda too. The weekends are what kill me. FI likes to snack, and he can because he never seems to gain a drop :( I tend to snack with him, which is obviously what lead to the 35lbs creeping back on!

Any tips and advice on others success would be appreciated!

Re: Any great tips for quick/effective weight loss?

  • I drink lots of water during the day and am really good with food during the week and working our during the week. My weekends are always a little harder, I don't drink much at all anymore and that helps.
    Find a workout that works for you and stick with it. I like MyFitnesspal and go to the gym at least 4 days a week. :)

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    Start doing weights.  Cardio is good, but you need muscle too.  It is leaner than fat cells, so takes up less space for the same amount of weight.  As well, muscles need more energy from your body to burn than fat cells do, so it helps "up your metabolism".  You can't bulk up unless you use steroids or something, but it will tone you up nicely, which will also cut inches.  

    Also, look at what changed to allow you to gain those initial 35lbs.  Something must have changed after you met you FI to allow you to gain this weight.  If you can identify that, it will give you something to look at changing.  If it is solely the snacking, you'll have to cut it back, or snack on something healthier, like veggies.  Get him on board with you so that he's choosing those healthy snacks too, and then you're not as tempted.  You've got plenty of time if you start now.  
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    Marzipan13[Deleted User]
  • If you can be very very disciplined, I'd suggest looking for a fitness coach that trains women for figure competitions.  Not saying that YOU should sign up for a figure competition, but a trained figure coach with nutrition and fitness certifications can put together a weekly or monthly meal plan for you that meets both your nutritional and fitness needs, and does it in a way that isn't a fad diet or targets weight loss in a way that will starve you.  I lost 10 lbs last fall just by meal planning (I was already very active from a fitness perspective)-yes, I ate the same thing every day, and missed out on happy hour food and that kind of stuff, but I wasn't starving (or even all that hungry) and the accountability of check ins with my coach were enough to keep me on track (note: I just did the meal planning over the internet-I never met my coach in person).  

    It worked-I lost 3-4 lbs the first week and was down 10 lbs (138 to 128 on my 5'3 frame) in a few months.  If you have more significant weight to lose, it would probably happen faster for you than it did for me.
  • I should have added that my coach actually made my entire meal plan for me-literally everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  And readjusted based on how I was feeling.  I sent her pics and weight every Friday for accountability.  I cooked every Sunday afternoon and individually packed each meal in tupperware so it was grab and go during the work week.  It worked great, and was much easier than planned.
  • Thanks everyone! It was 3 things that lead to the weight re-gain, I stopped working out because I had trouble finding a schedule that worked (he has two kids and it was hard for me to get used to when we first moved in together last year). The 2nd was what I was cooking, which again, kinda falls back on the kids, because I would make them chicken fingers or mac and cheese type foods and then feel to lazy to make an alternate healthy option for myself. And the 3rd was the snacking. He likes to sit in bed at night and snack, oreo's are his fav, but he will also grab candy bars or ice cream if he can.  

    Now I'm finally in the swing of how to eat healthy and work out with kids, I'm feeling positive about it, just wish I had more healthy recipes, I do like to cook. 

  • 1) Cut the diet drinks completely. They're full of sodium which causes massive water retention.
    2) Water water water water! 
    3) Watch your carb intake- less breads, more lean meat & protein. 
    4) Lay off the late-night snacks! In order for your body to "burn" calories, it needs to fast for 12 hours between dinner & breakfast (you're "breaking" your "fast"). Also- these are waaaay too much sugar.

    I haven't had a diet Dr Pepper in 4 weeks, I drink at least 4 bottles (8 cups) of water a day, I might have a cookie or single candy bar once a week, and I eat mostly grilled meats (fish, shrimp, chicken, steak). Not saying you have to make drastic diet changes- because I hate diets too due to the fact I'm such a picky eater- but just make small changes in what you prepare or buy for each meal.

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  • I said good bye to my diet sodas, haven't touched one since Sunday :( but on the bright side I'm already feeling better and starting to feel like I'm seeing a tid bit of result from working out. 
  • Exercising for at least 30 mins a day will help.  Also weight training will help to burn calories quicker.  I am attempting right now to lose a little more weight for my sisters wedding and then continue to for my wedding a year later.  
    1.You should first drink nothing else but water at all meals
    2. if you can't give up carbs switch to whole wheat and whole grain products and use proper portion sizes
    3. Eat a side salad before any meal (no cream dressing just basic oil and any vinegar) with lots of veggies mixed in.  It will make up fuller faster.
    4. Allow yourself to snack at least once a week so you do not feel deprived.
    5. Eat red meat sparingly.
    6. Try new grains like quinoa and barley instead of white rice or pasta.
    7. Use lower fat cheese such as feta.
    8. Switch up your meals by trying new recipes.

    I do not like dieting either so really I do not give up anything I just switch to a healthier version and use portion sizes.  However, whenever I have a craving I do indulge in it so I do not feel deprived. 
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  • Try the advocare 24 day challenge. I did it and had amazing results. It helps you lose weight and it's not a fad diet but a lifestyle change. I used to have to worst eating habits and now I eat clean and healthy! If you want any more information on it I can email it to you. Good luck!
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    Try the advocare 24 day challenge. I did it and had amazing results. It helps you lose weight and it's not a fad diet but a lifestyle change. I used to have to worst eating habits and now I eat clean and healthy! If you want any more information on it I can email it to you. Good luck!
    I'd actually say to avoid the advocare challenge. A lot of my friends did this, and I looked into the program. A lot of the products are not safe for your body..they actually had to put a warning label in some states, explaining that LEAD can be found in their products, known for causing fertility problems later on.
  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    Quick weight loss programs are rarely effective. Normally you gain it all back, and then some.

    Try overall lifestyle modifications. Walk more, eat healthy snacks, cut out soda, take the stairs. Its not glamorous but it works.


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  • If you're working out 5 times a week for an hour and still not losing weight, food is probably the problem. Still, try to mix up your work out routine -- bike, weights, yoga, whatever -- to challenge your body.

    I would suggest counting calories. Its so important to understand your daily caloric intake. I know people dont like to do it, but its a surefire way to lose weight. Shoot for 1200 calories a day if you're under 200 pounds. Focus on veggies, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. If you do this you WILL lose weight AND its safe (I used to work for Jenny Craig).

    Good luck!
  • Try drink hot water with added honey or lime do that for a month and it will help you reduce weight but it needs to be done in the early morning empty stomach ,Also try drinking plenty of water and stop eating junk food.

  • I'm a member of sparkpeople.com

    I lost 21 lbs using it last year and am back using it for my November wedding. It's free, it keeps you accountable, there's great articles, forums, books and dvds. It's seriously the only thing that has ever worked for me.
  • Something must be in the air...yet another vendor trying to make a buck by selling bullshit diet pills. @knotporscha - thank you in advance darling. :-)
  • @abbyj700 good catch, thanks!

  • @abbyj700 are you talking about me? Why do u think im a vendor trying to sell bullshit diet pills? i did a challenge and worked for me. Just like sparkpeople.com is the only thing thats worked for you, advocare products are the only thing thats worked for me.
  • @blondlff26 - advocare can call themselves a challenge - they provide you with dangerous means of weight loss - supplements that aren't even approved by the FDA and in some cases have caused health issues including organ failure. Please don't compare it to spark - which is a company that encourages people to consult physicians, get more physical exercise and eat healthier foods. 
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