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Studio Uno/DJ Express.. Any Experience?

Has anyone out there used either Studio Uno for pictures or DJ Express for their music? We're looking into booking them for our wedding.. I haven't found a bad review on them yet I haven't seen them showcased at a bridal show ANYWHERE in New Jersey. 

Any type of feedback is appreciated! :)

Re: Studio Uno/DJ Express.. Any Experience?

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    I was put off by them to be honest. Other DJ companies don't charge you extra for having a different booth (they charge more for light-up vs. standard black). I got my DJ for a few hundred less than DJ Express and it includes 4 people and a monogram
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    @FutureMrsPA Hmm.. that's good to know.  I shouldn't have said "we're looking into them" because it's already a done deal lol (this post was in fact inspired by a glass of wine while Pinterest-ing wedding ideas). Our venue comes with them in the contracted price. Very limited of course, and anything else we might want we contract with them separately. Same rule applies for the photographer. However, I will keep your words in the back of my mind when we go to meet them! Maybe I can shop around for other amenities and get a better price. Thanks!
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    They both look horrible.
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    I am using Studio Uno and my friends have also in the past, they so really amazing work :)
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