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BM Dresses: to hem or not to hem and how much time to order?

I just finally picked out the BM dress,
I asked my girls to please order them by end of June so thee have time for any alterations that need done (wedding is 9/14). Most likely some if not all of them will need it hemmed but not sure if I should require it. The ceremony is on the beach at the waters edge I'm thinking about using safety pins to keep the dresses out of the water then they can take them down for the reception or just asking them all to have their dresses hemmed to their ankles...

What do you all think... are you asking your BMs to have their dresses hemmed?

Re: BM Dresses: to hem or not to hem and how much time to order?

  • That is totally at their discretion, and dependent on their height and the shoes they choose. You could suggest safety pins, but I wouldn't require it either way. Requiring those dresses to be hemmed to ankle height would look super weird and prevent them from ever wearing that dress again. 

    Can I ask why you're getting married standing in the water? What if someone falls when the waves move the sand? If you're concerned about dresses getting wet, why won't you go with cocktail-length dresses? Personally though I would just move your ceremony space by a couple yards.

  • Fis idea to get married in the surf. We don't plan to be very far in, just enough so the water brushes our feet. We thought it would be romantic. Safety pins is probably the best route so they can wear whatever shoes they want for the reception.
  • It's totally up to them, but they all need theirs hemmed. They've all bought heels and I've left that decision up to them. I really don't care, but FI's BFF's mom is a seamstress, so I don't have the same kind of deadlines as if we were going to a shop.
  • I've been a guest at a beach wedding (which was on the beach) and it looked very uncomfortable for the BM's tripping in the sand with their heels. They had cocktail length dresses.  If you have strong desire for the BM's to have long dresses, you can suggest they hem. Let's be honest, they won't wear the dress again. But I would suggest to go cocktail, it solves the problem. 
  • I'm not asking them to wear heels in the sand. I suggested barefoot but if the sand is too hot to walk on I said they can wear flip flops, whatever is comfortable. I originally wanted short dresses but after looking and looking and having them try stuff on the long dress I settled on is a decent price and they all seem pretty happy with it.
  • I'm leaving it up to the girls if they want alterations. In your case, I wouldn't hem to their ankles because after the ceremony it would look pretty awkward with that length.
    DB starts their alterations 6 weeks prior to the wedding by the way. And sometimes it takes 2 months for the dresses to come in. We ordered in March and some girls still don't have their dresses in yet so be aware of your timeline. If they order in June they may not get them in until August/early September so there wouldn't be time for alterations anyway.
  • We got our bridesmaid dressed at DB and our consultant specifically told us to be done ordering by the end of April. My girls have their dresses already, but any alterations are up to them. They're paying $150 for the dress, not me, so whatever they want to do with it is up to them!
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