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Getting in Shape

Any September brides need an accountabilibuddy?

I'm getting married on the beach this September, I want to lose 25-30 lbs. I love to discuss workout tips and tricks, health and beauty in preparation for the big day!!! 

Re: Any September brides need an accountabilibuddy?

  • Looks like we are in the same boat! I am also getting married in Sept on the beach and need to lost about 15-20lbs. 
  • Cool!!! Where are you getting married? Mine is on Ocean Isle Beach in NC.
  • I'm August but I'd be down to be part of a group! I've just started working out again 5x a week (and for now i've even got my fiance doing it with me)
  • Kieralynn - what goals have you set along the way? Any new foods you've been trying out @perdonami?

    My new go to things I'm doing - walking the dogs at least 2+ times a week or some other outdoor activity and hitting the gym 2+ times a week. Current awesome diet food of choice - spaghetti squash, avocados or kale - all such dynamic veggies!
  • One of our biggest things aside from working out has been meal planning! I arrange our meals so we have everything already and no excuses to eat crappy, leftovers get taken for my lunch, or turned into tomorrows dinner.
    This week:
    Monday: crockpot brisket (from leftovers) with brown rice, fresh salsa, and cooked veggies
    Tuesday: leftover pulled brisket sandwiches (unknown side so far)
    Wednesday: crockpot chicken with steamed broccoli
    Thursday: soft tacos, pulled chicken, lettuce, fresh salsa, garlic greek yogurt aoli
    Friday: thin crust pizza, roasted tomatoes, grilled onions, pulled chicken, bbq sauce, homemade mozzarella

    For breakfast, I have a smoothie with protein powder. I actually pre make my smoothies too... I'm super slow in the morning and have to be capable of getting ready in 20 minutes. So every other weekend I throw and (3) entire bag of frozen mango, blueberries and strawberries in a blender with some V8 juice, then refreeze it in icecube trays, once frozen I put them in a Ziploc bag. I throw 4 cubes, .75 banana (the dog gets the other .25) a splash of V8 juice and protein powder into my magic bullet and go! Much easier then throwing in a few blueberries, 2 strawberries, that mango chunk is too big, etc...

    Fiance has cereal and a piece of fruit.

    @abbyj700: what do you do with spaghetti squash? I love squash but I'm horrible at coming up with creative ideas to eat it - probably since i'm totally ok just eating it plainly roasted.  I should plain on kale salad soon, we had one a while ago that was great!
  • @babybear - I agree that planning is key. Whether it's me planning our meals for the week as I shop, planning our get togethers with friends to secretly have more healthy options, planning in the morning by packing breakfast, snacks and lunch - or just planning what I do after work rather than be a lazy slob! In all my planning - my friends didn't even notice that they devoured fruits, veggies, nuts, hummus and chips and salsa at our grillout Saturday rather than macaroni salad, pasta salad, potato chips, etc. Nor did anyone notice that I had already logged my food into sparkpeople.com - so I knew I could have one veggie dog with a bun, tons of fruits and veggies and a handful of pistachios guilt free!

    I find spaghetti squash to be so dynamic. So anything you do with pasta - you can do with spaghetti squash. I typically (and did last night) cook up some veggies in marinara sauce and throw some goat cheese on it. Today for lunch - I have it with garlic, country crock, a tablespoon of parmesean and salt and pepper. Any kind of meat or veggie sauce really works. And a whole cup of spaghetti squash is only 45 calories - so I can eat a huge plate of "pasta" without the guilt. No - it doesn't taste EXACTLY the same, but as a good Italian - I still approve!

    Kale salads, kale and eggwhites, kale in my smoothies - love it all!
  • Finally checking in, so far I'm down 5lbs.. Hoping not to fluctuate back up again. I really miss being skinny and I especially want it more now that I am getting married.
  • Oh, and I switched from soy to almond milk. Much better taste and fewer calories.
  • Yes!! Sept 6 is not too far away now and my dress was a little too tight at my first fitting :(. I really want to tone up my arms because I'll be in a strapless dress and flabby arms will definitely stand out. Thinking about possibly p90x? I just work so many hours so it's hard for me to stick to a real plan.
  • My dress was a little too tight and its strapless as well. All I have been focusing on his toning my arms and eating as few calories as possible.. Well, drink them that is... Got to put the wine bottle down on the weekends. 
  • krcbkrcb member
    25 Love Its 10 Comments Name Dropper
    My wedding is September 6 as well! I have 10lbs to lose that I've gained in the past 2 months. Funny how quickly weight will come on but won't come off!

    My plan is mainly to exercise because it's very difficult for me to reduce my calories by too much. I'm the type that always feels hungry. I can cut back and eat better, but this girl's gotta eat. Plus, if I exercise and weight lift, I may not actually need to lose 10lbs because my body will look better haha
  • Same boat! Lost 20 already and have another 15 to go for September 13th. 

    Started doing power yoga which is awesome but need to kick up the cardio. 
  • Soo ladies let's start motivating each other!! Just wondering how lol...  
  • Gilt City has a voucher for Jillian Michaels program, workouts, recipes etc. Has anyone tried this?
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