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Wording for response cards?

My fiancé really wants to use online RSVPs, but ultimately the planning is falling to me and I will be in charge of collecting them and reporting final numbers to our coordinator, so I think I should have the final word. I want to use paper response cards to avoid the possibility of difficulties with using the website and to better reflect the formality of the event. However, I'm a little bit unsure as to the best way to word them. We are serving a plated meal so we need to be sure that our guests are able to select chicken, salmon, vegetarian, or the kids' option. I've seen cards that suggest initialing next to each entree choice, but that can be kind of convoluted when some families have 5 kids. One family in particular decided to give each kid the same initials - and they are all over the age of 12 so they don't default to the kids' menu.

I have to report the numbers needed for each entree and ensure that choices are clearly identified for the servers (which I will do via different colors of escort cards). Any suggestions as to the best way to word the response card?
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Re: Wording for response cards?

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    I think you could use the initial entree choice wording, and then you may have to follow up with any guests that you are unsure on. Hopefully, people will be smart and if their children all have the same initials, then maybe they will add a note with the names. But that might be asking too much :)

     TBH, whenever I've chosen an entree, I've always just checked it or numbered it (I've never seen a response card that said initial choice). But it was for either just myself, or me and FI. If we get the wrong entree, we can just switch, no big deal. If the children are all at the same table, it's not too big of a problem. 


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