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Printing invitations?

Has anyone used invitation kits like the ones made by Wilton and sold at craft stores? How do these turn out? Do they look too cheap? I would rather not spend a lot of money on invitations because it seems like a waste to me. I also don't want to look like I majorly cheaped out.

Re: Printing invitations?

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    I bought these kits at JoAnn's using coupons. I didn't want to spend a ton either, but you can easily dress them up. Were they cheap? Yes. Do they look cheap? Eh, I don't really care, they get the job done. I added some ribbon and bows and pretty font, then called them good. Envelopes that aren't totally flat will add extra postage (70 cents instead of 49 cents) but it was still cheaper than buying them already made. 

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