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DB alteration woes

Has anyone else had a horrible David's Bridal alterations experience? I will spare the details of mixed up appointments and not having a hem and bustle done in 45 days. I spent $300 on a $750 dress on just a hem and bustle. 3 buttons apparently can't hold light layers of tulle. I have 18 buttons on the back of my dress for this bustle. I don't know what I was expecting exactly but I was hoping for it to be less obvious. I have seen smaller buttons on sweaters. The loops for the buttons were made of white string theory hat made it look like tiny rope hoops on the tulle. It looks horrendous and I really wish I had taken pictures. I asked her to cover them with appliques in hopes to make it look better. I really don't see why those huge buttons were used on the back. For all this money they are charging for this work you would think it would be PERFECT.  Has anyone else had this happen? I noticed my dress is a bit tight up top, giving me a bit of armpit bulge and I refused to bring it up. I want to take it elsewhere. Does anyone know how difficult it would be to let out the top a little on a lace dress? Or would they give me a slightly larger panel for the corset back of my dress?

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    Take your dress elsewhere.  If you don't like the bustle then get it redone by someone else.  My friend had a dress like yours where she had tulle on top of satin.  She had the satin portion done in a french style bustle while the tulle had small loops and small buttons positioned near the lace/embellishments of her dress so that they were 'hidden'.  And when I say small they were super small and I know this because I had to do her bustle.  How your bustle is secured should not be seen by anyone (I had a similar problem with mine [not by DB] where the seamstress put two buttons basically right on my ass for all the world to see...needless to say that was changed).

    As for the top portion.  A seamstress will most likely take it out at the sides, not add an extra panel to the back.

    I am sorry you spent so much money on such crappy work.  Take your dress elsewhere (get some recommendations from your local board and/or look on Yelp) and see what they can do for you. You will have to spend more money, but it is better to spend a bit more and be happy with your dress then not spend anything and be unhappy with it.

  • David's Bridal stores are franchises.  They all carry the same dresses, but they each have their own alterations seamstresses.  Some are better than others.  Sorry you got one who couldn't do the job.  Take it somewhere else.
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    I'm sorry to hear that :( Take to a seamstress outside of DB and maybe make sure it's a wedding dress place instead of just generalized tailoring. 

    David's bridal has one horror story after another. I most likely won't be shopping there for myself, having to get bridemaid dresses from there was bad enough. 
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  • I'm sorry that this was a cruddy experience. I agree with PP that you should take it elsewhere.

    I, for one, have had an amazing experience at my DB...from my first walk-in (on a Saturday during prom season, BEFORE I was engaged, God help me), to my found the dress moment, my BM shopping experience, delivery time...they even exchanged a dress for a BM who will be 6 months pregnant at the time of the wedding. My alterations cost were less than anticipated, and the seamstress adjusted WHERE she took in the dress so I could reduce the appearance of back bulge. Now, I won't have my final fitting for another week, but I expect it will be just lovely.

    My florist, on the other hand...

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  • I'm sorry you had a bad expirience. As PP have stated DB is a franchise and some of their seamstresses are more experienced and better equipped than others. (I've heard stories where they just hire an inexperienced person and teach them to do simple work such as a hem, bustle ect )

    My seamstress has fixed many dresses poorly altered at DB. She highly warned me that they can do some pretty shitty work. I personally know of a woman who got her alterations done at DB and the work was very poor. On her wedding day just about all the work they did had broke (a strap came off, her bustles all broke).
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    Definitely go somewhere else. 

     Heads up for lurkers: DB is notorious for alterations problems and jacked up prices. I learned that here before my own wedding and never even considered using them for alterations.
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