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Photo Booth and Transportation Recommendation


I am getting married July 4th 2014 at Bonnet Island in LBI and am still looking for a good reasonable photo booth company, our photographer has one but its over 1000... I see a few Groupons but dont know if any of those services are good?

Also does anyone have any good transportation ideas to get our guest (80-90) back to the hotel and to our after party (half to the party half to the hotel)?


Re: Photo Booth and Transportation Recommendation

  • Does your limo company have a party bus or shuttle bus? My hotel provides the transportation to and from the hotel but if they didn't I was going to go through Santos Limo.

    As far as a photo booth, I think $1,200 is the average cost. I have not seen any less then that.
  • We dont have a limo company yet as we dont plan on using one for just us. As for our hotel, they only have 1 van and it wouldn't work to move guests to both locations after the wedding.

    For the photobooth, has anyone used the companies that are listed on Groupon?
  • I haven't used the companies on groupon but we did look into 3 different ones so far (and they were 450-600, so much less expensive than the average of 1000 that I've seen). We ended up not going with any of them, mostly because we were a little lazy and weren't in a rush at the time (haha!). I would recommend just googling reviews on any that you see pop up. Typically if they're a good company that's done well in the area, you'll see that they have reviews on wedding wire, yelp, or the knot. If they don't have any reviews, I'd be wary of them.

    In terms of transportation, I would have also recommended reaching out to the hotel, but that seems like a dead end in your case. You might want to consider chartering a full bus. I'm not sure what that might cost, honestly, but I've been to a few weddings that offered this so that people didn't have to drive. It worked out well - my only pet peeve was that the buses would wait around for awhile to make sure they didn't leave anyone, but it's really not something that would stop me from doing something similar. In fact, that is what we're doing with our hotel - they're providing buses for our guests.
  • Oh! I forgot to mention that for any photobooths you consider via groupon or living social: always call them to see whether they'd honor the price if you book directly through them. Typically if the deal on groupon is 500 for what is normally a 1000 booking, the company actually only gets 250 because groupon will take a cut. So they're often more than willing to honor the 50% off price that gets them more than they would if you actually bought the deal.
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