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We are getting married in May 2015.  We really want to do an Alaskan cruise for our Honeymoon.  Anyone have any ideas or thoughts about this?  How is the weather there in June/July? 

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  • The majority of Alaskan cruises only run from late May through early Sept. The other months are too cold. Even in those summer months, it's about 65 degrees during the day. I'm from New England so that's wam enough for me to stand on the pool deck in a t-shirt but if you're from somewhere warm you would probably need a jacket the whole time. Definitely not swimming/ tanning weather.



  • Alaska is beautiful and so much amazing stuff to see. I've heard though that the average age of a cruise guest can be 50+. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but if you are looking for more of a party atmosphere, you may not find it. July tends to be there rainy time. When I went (I'm from Ohio) my typical outfit was jeans, t-shirt, light weight fleece zip up hoodie and a water proof jacket for the rainy days. When we hit Denali though, there had been a snow storm the day before so when we went through through Denali National Park on our bus tour, there was still snow & we needed our hats & gloves when outside because it was still cold. Waterproof Hiking boots can be handy too depending on what you plan on doing for your side trips.
  • We have done 3 Alaska cruises, out of 17.  They are super!
    There are two basic types:  1.The round trip cruise goes from a USA port, like Seattle or San Francisco, stops in a few Alaska ports on the panhandle, and then return to the original port.  You spend a lot of time at sea getting to and from your destination.  2. The other type starts in either Vancouver or Anchorage.  It visits Glacier Bay, Skagway, Juneau and Ketchican.  There are a few variations, but this is the usual route.
    Summer is high season.  The scenery is beautiful, with mountains extending almost to the shore.  If you can possibly afford a balcony cabin, you should do it on an Alaska trip.  Wonderful views!  Make sure you have a lot of memory space on your camera!  The excursions are expensive, but well worth it.  Do go whale watching!  Most ports are very commercialized, and, except for Skagway, not much to offer except tacky tourist shops and overpriced jewelry stores from the Caribbean.  Museums are more fun.  If you don't take excursions, you will be disappointed.
    You won't really see Alaska from a cruise ship - just the lower panhandle.  Weather is jeans, tee shirts and fleece.  You will need dressier clothes for dinner on board.  If you do take an optional trip up to the Alaska interior (Denali National Park), you will need coats and gloves.  We are talking a huge distance, here!
    Talk to a travel agent.  They can help you decide which ship suits your style.  Not every ship gets to go into Glacier Bay National Park.  My daughter and son-in-law took a Princess cruise to Alaska for their honeymoon, and they loved it!
  • We are going on one for our honeymoon in June of this year! I am so excited!! 
  • I've been to Alaska- a thing to note is that before Memorial Weekend hardly anything is open. We arrived in late May and were there for the opening day for some places.

    But Alaska was fantastic! I loved it. We did not cruise, we flew into Anchorage, drove to Seward and Whittier, then up to Denali. My favorite part was Seward and kayaking in Kenai Fjords. Rafting in Denali was pretty epic too.
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