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What time is your ceremony and reception. We are having a Saturday wedding. Planning an outdoor ceremony at 3:30pm, cocktail hour 4-5, and reception 5-10. I'm interested in other brides wedding day timelines.

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  • We are having a 6pm ceremony 7 cocktail hour and 8-12 reception.
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  • We are having a 5pm Ceremony, 6pm Cocktail hour.. reception time immediately following
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  • Our ceremony is beginning at 4pm, 4:30-5:30 cocktail hour (picture time) and then reception afterwards.
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    Our ceremony is starting at 3 p.m.... I want to do a recieving line. Anyone have advice on how long to schedule for that? I am planning on doing a first look and our wedding party pics prior to the ceremony, so that we can go straight to our reception venue after. I don't want the reception to start TOO early though, because I want to do sparklers as a send off. So I was thinking of starting the reception at 4:30. Thoughts? FYI I think we should have between 75-90 guests and our reception venue is less than a mile from our church.
  • We are having a saturday wedding.

    30 guests, very intimate.

    10:00 am civil wedding in the city hall

    11:00 ceremony then cocktail then lunch everything at our reception venue

    We decide to change  place to go to party in the evening with just our friends beacuse our parents and grand parents are not interested

  • ours is 230pm. :)  on a saturday
  • We are having a Sunday wedding so the ceremony will start at 12:30 with cocktail hour and reception starting immediately after until 6 pm.
  • We are getting married 8/16/15 at 1130am (it is a sunday). cocktail hour is scheduled from 12-1 then the lunch reception 1-4.
  • Getting married 8/21/15 (Friday) at 1:30 PM. It will be OOT for all us and all guests (very intimate, 30 guests) except probably 6 family members who live in the area. Cocktail hour and reception to follow.
  • 2:30pm ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner reception starts at 6pm.
  • I am working on determining a time, does anyone think 5:30pm is an awkward time to start the ceremony?
  • @jcover1‌ what time does your reception start and how long is your ceremony?
  • Ours will be at 6:30 --still working out the time line
  • Daytime wedding here, with ceremony at 1pm and reception following immediately after at same location
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