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Wedding Flowers $$$

I just got a quote from a florist I liked and they quoted me from everything from ceremony to bar decor into reception and decorating all of my immediate family and bridal party.   Everything seems reasonable except the fact that my bouquet costs $195!! is that normal?  When my fiance proposed he gave me a huge white bouquet and I explained to the florist I want that exact bouquet and he only paid $60.00. I know there will be a lot of labor and planning on her part for the day but seriously... $195?

would it be rude to question the big difference?

Re: Wedding Flowers $$$

  • I have a very tight budget so  I don't think it would be rude. Is it the same florist he used? Some just over charge for things.
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  • I would definitely question it. I don't think it is rude at all. You are the one forking out the money; therefore it is only reasonable that you have an explanation.
  • The word "wedding" inflates the cost....unfortunately. Much like you pay double or even triple at Vday, you will for your wedding, too.
  • I would totally question it 195.00 seems kinda much. What kind of flowers are in it? I have roses and dalihias and mine is 100.00
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    $195 is around what I've been hearing tossed around.  I would question it - maybe even tell them what your budget is and ask what else they would be able to do for you (maybe like a 'growers/florist choice' bouquet in the colors you want).

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