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XP: Cruise Wedding Invite Q's

Friend is getting married on a cruise on Oct 4th this year. She is currently looking at invitations to get printed. She has sent out STDs and so far 79 people are already confirmed for the cruise. She is not able to get a contract with the cruise (Royal Caribbean if it makes a difference) until 90 days out for what time or which room they will have their reception in. (Note: they already have a contract for the wedding date itself but that's it.) At that point, she was told she must know if she will have more or less than 100 people, with each person's cabin confirmation #, so they know which ballroom to book. It is very easily possible that 10 cabins (considering 2 people per cabin) be booked between now and then. Once they book for a particular ballroom, you cannot change it. They will not book the larger ballroom unless you already have 101 people confirmed

Question #1: Is this true? (Someone please correct me/her)
Question #2: At what point will she send out the invite if the RSVP date is 95 days before the cruise? (I give 5 day buffer for her to harass call guests who have no RSVP'd)

Edited: Just found out the catering needs to have final head count 45 days out. But they need to know which ball room to book 90 days out. 


Re: XP: Cruise Wedding Invite Q's

  • I'm not sure about requirements for Royal Caribbean.  I'm doing cruise wedding on Carnival in June and we need final guest count with all info 3 weeks prior.  And they won't tell us room until 1-2 weeks before wedding. But, its not uncommon to be required to provide that info well in advance for cruise weddings.  It just means you need to make sure guests know that you need an absolute definitive answer that can't be changed.  She needs to stress that there can't be any changes after she submits the guest list.

    As far as RSVP's, send invites 3-4 weeks prior to needed RSVP date.  Make sure to allow time for tracking down info from people that don't RSVP.  And I'd leave extra time since you need more than just a yes or no answer. I left myself 3 weeks to chase people down because I know my family is horrible at RSVP and I need cabin numbers for sailing guests, as well as drivers license or passport numbers for non-sailing guests.  I figure the more info you need, the longer it will take to get it from people.

    I would suggest checking out the honeymoon/wedding forum on You will have better luck finding info and advice on cruise weddings there.  And I know there are a few recent Royal Caribbean brides on there that could probably help. That site has been amazingly helpful with planning my wedding and answering questions specific to cruise weddings.


  • nicoann !!!

    Calling out all the RC Brides out there.....


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