Inexpensive But Good Milwaukee Caterers and Ceremony/Reception Venues

I'm looking to get married in the Milwaukee area.  Any suggestions for good caterers that aren't too expensive?  I've been seeing $25-$30 a person as the norm (or way more for some places of course).  Is there anything decent out there less than that (I found one in Kenosha for like $17 a person, but then we switched to getting married in Milwaukee) or should we just resign ourselves to that being what we will pay?

Also, I'm still searching for a Ceremony/Reception venue.  We aren't overly religious and we have a lot of out of state family, so we were thinking of having our ceremony and reception at a hotel somewhat close to the airport and then our guests can stay there as well so we won't need shuttles.  Or if you have any suggestions for places in walking distance of hotels I'd be open to those as well.

We're hoping to keep the overall budget to around $10K or so for 125-150 guests.  I'd love to hear any ideas anyone may have for caterers or ceremony/reception venues.

Re: Inexpensive But Good Milwaukee Caterers and Ceremony/Reception Venues

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    We're having our reception at the Hilton Milwaukee River (in Whitefish Bay) on March 13. The room seats 150 max and we're paying 18.95/person for each of 2 entree choices. Sounds like it might fit what you're looking for! Although I don't know if they do ceremonies, and it might be further from the airport than you'd like (~30 min). I know how hard it is to keep the budget low but it IS possible--we're keeping it under $10K too (or trying to!) and I feel like we've been able to find things around here that work within that, without cutting too many corners. Good luck!
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    Try Silver Spring Golf Club.  We had our ceremony/reception/rehearsal dinner there.  They have a rooftop patio for the ceremony, it overlooks the valley and is very pretty.   Our reception was in the La Par room, prices were reasonable and the food was good.

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    Sorry, they are in Menomonee Falls, I'm not sure if that is too far out for you.  Here is the link:
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    We are holding our reception at the Milwaukee Public Market and the plates start at $22 and the room rental is only $350.  They use all vendors downstairs as choices...
    I think it can be done, but you may need to go outside of the box of the usual caterers (Zilli, Bartolottas, etc) At least I didn't see them as getting low enough to do it for 10K...
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    I like the Renaissance Place in downtown milwaukee or the Vila Filomena. Both are reasonably priced and have a list of preffered caterers. What type of food are you looking to have?
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