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When are your girls ordering their dresses?  I'm getting married November 29, 2014 and I'm just wondering when we should start looking,  Thanks!

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  • I am not having bridesmaids, but from what I've read and seen on other boards it can take 6-12 weeks for some BM dresses to be made or longer and if there are delays or problems then you need to allow time for them to be redone.  So you might want to start looking soon and then see what the delivery times are for the dress you choose.  Good luck!   Looking forward to hearing what you end up with. 

    BTW-  we're Date twins!  Seems like a popular date. 
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • I would start looking about 6 months out, if possible.  That will give you time if you can't find anything.

    I'm going to be a BM and we ordered our dresses in mid Dec. for a late April wedding.  The came in in March(?) but that's because the bride paid to add rush delivery on because they wouldn't be in until the 1st or 2nd week in April, leaving no time for alterations.

    Plus, some higher end BM dress stores won't let you order less than 5 months out.  (I know that this is the policy at the BM dress store linked to where I got my wedding dress, but that was really to make sure that they could provide stellar customer service.)

    I'm getting married Nov. 15th, and was going to start looking for BM dresses sometime in May/June before I just decided to have my BMs get black cocktail dresses that they really like.
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  • I'm also getting married November 15th. We started looking in October when. I started looking for my dress. We will order ours no later than May 15th so they come in with enough time to get alterations done.

    My sister order a BM dress in April for an October wedding and the dress came in in September. They were due in July and the bride had to call repeatedly in August to get them in. Luckily most BMs didn't need much, if any alterations.
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  • I need to get on this soon. I only have 2 bridesmaids and its been hard to coordinate a weekend where we can go look. Wedding is Nov 15 and I want to order by May 15.
  • I have a November 8th wedding and my girls ordered their dresses last week. Alfred Angelo told me they needed 3 months lead time. I had an out of town bridesmaid visiting so we went last week.
  • I had all my girls order their dresses at the end of November last year.  They were all in town for Thanksgiving, which is a rare treat, so we did our shopping then.  They still have not come in yet, though, and it's been almost 6 months. 
  • One of my BM's ordered her already, another is ordering hers in Saturday and my MOH will order hers when she gets back from vacation (June 6)
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  • Small update:

    2 BM's ordered their dresses but MOH might miss her window on ordering.  Oh well, I have a back up plan.
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  • If anyone misses the order window I'd rather it be the MOH, as a lot of people tend to do something a little different for their dress.

    I'm not having a wedding party, other than our 3 boys. So much easier that way! But it will be more of a headache shopping with 3 boys who will get bored and annoying.
  • April192002, yeah that's what I thought too!  At first, I freaked out a little, then my one BM who was with me helped me with solutions.  We'll be okay.  I'll get her to wear a black chiffon dress and I'll find her a crimson bolero and everyone will think it's fab.  

    Shopping for boys?  Brings snacks and a nintendo 3DS ;)  And maybe some advil for yourself, lol.
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  • I didn't do this yet for 11/29/14...eeks
  • 3DS and Advil will definitely be my best friend that day!
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    @Rosebubbly  I am also getting married on Nov 29 and my girls don't have dresses either!
  • @Elivi‌ I just sent them the link tonight. We're doing cool skirts from an etsy retailer
  • I had my mother call the place I bought my wedding dress to see if that is indeed the case or if this bridal store my BM bought hers is just 'really busy' or something and my mother was told that 12 weeks order time is standard.

    These are for Mori Lee Bridal dresses though so Im not sure about other brands.
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  • I dare not hope too much but I just got an email from my MOH's BF with the email subject "Bridesmaids are GO!" and a pic of my MOH in the dress we talked about.  

    I was having a stressful day.  I almost cried.  At work.  I didnt even cry when I saw my own dress.
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  • I'm getting married Nov. 8th, and we just went last weekend 6/7 for BM dress shopping, dress will be in by 7/7!

  • I am getting married 11/16/14 and three girls haven't gotten their dresses... Is that enough time? Davids bridal seem to have them in around a months time but man am I stressing! So all you ladies that got your BM dresses ordered with five months to spare, congrats lol I wish my party was more prompt lol
  • @Heather112887, call David's and ask.  They will be able to tell you.  It might be cutting it really close if extensive alterations are required..
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  • @Heather112887 If you haven't contacted David's Bridal yet, you definitely need to. I THINK they told me 3-4 months for Bridesmaid dresses, for shipping and alterations. Some independent alteration shops might not be as busy and wouldn't require as much time. Also, David's might not be backed up so the dresses MIGHT come in much sooner. I was told 6-8 weeks for my wedding dress and it arrived somewhere around 3-4 weeks...and that was during their "big" sale at the beginning of the year. If shipping is an issue, I would also consider buying off the rack, if your bridesmaids are normal-ish sizes. You probably won't find the same color dress in the same style for all of them (if you have a few in the area, other stores may have the color/size/style they need), but you could probably find the same color in different styles, or have them wear different colors that match all of your wedding colors. There are options, if you're okay with those!
  • Update:  All of my girls have received calls that their dresses are ready for alterations.  One girl has sent hers in already.  I am taking another one tomorrow (Can't wait to see the dress!) and my MOH is going Sept 22.

    So The orders were placed in early June (except 1 BM who placed the order a month prior) and they received their calls Sept 5th or so (early bird BM got her call in mid-august) for any lurkers or Knotties who want to know about timelines for receiving dresses ordered from Mori Lee.
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