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Rehearsal dinner and invites

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Do people send out actual invites (by actual invites, I mean paper invites, mailed to their home) to a rehearsal dinner or is it like STD, not really necessary?

Also, since we are getting married at a church, is it fine to not put the address on the invite, but just include the address of where we are hosting the dinner? All invites I see are for rehearsal dinners only with no mention of where we are doing the rehearsal or the time.

Re: Rehearsal dinner and invites

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    People do send out invitations for rehearsal dinners, especially if they are formal to any degree.  That said, if yours is informal, a note or email would be fine as an invitation.

    Since the point of a rehearsal dinner is to provide hospitality to those asked to attend the rehearsal, it seems to me to just make it more convenient for guests to provide addresses and times for both the rehearsal venue and the dinner venue.  Leaving either the address or time off really doesn't make sense to me if you want your guests to show up at a specific place at a specific time.
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