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Fitness Challenge Group!

Hey ladies!

Even though I'm not getting married until December, I've decided I want to start getting into shape early for the summer. For this reason, I joined a challenge group this past month to hold me accountable on Facebook. I've decided I want to take it a step further and host my own 21 day challenge group specifically for any upcoming brides out there who also want to get into wedding shape! If anyone is interested in joining me, add me on Facebook or shoot me a message! Let's hold each other accountable for the bodies we've always wanted!

Re: Fitness Challenge Group!

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    I know there's rules about vendors posting things. I'm not trying to post as a vendor, nor am I trying to sell anything by any means. I just thought it would be cool to host a challenge group to hold each other accountable and help motivate each other, and I was advertising it to be on Facebook because of the ability to create groups on there. I apologize that this wasn't very clear in my first post, and again, if this post seems to be crossing the lines, I will delete it!
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