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FI and I are trying to figure out how to arrange premarital counseling, either through a church program or a professional counselor. We go to a nondenominational church that is large but fairly young, so it doesn't offer those types of programs yet. I've reached out to counseling practices to ask and their fees range from $400-700, which we just can't afford.

How where/did you do your premarital counseling? Can anyone recommend a good program that has a lower fee?

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Re: Premarital Counseling

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    My officiant is $60 per session and we have the option of attending up to 6 all in all $360.

    I can PM you some names and #'s of officiants I was given information for by my venue if you're interested. I'm not sure if they all offer pre-marital counseling but I know for sure that mine does. He's a pastor at a local church.

  • That would be fabulous! Thanks! We're planning to ask the pastor of the church I attended in college to officiate, but I'm not super attached to the idea and we may end up looking for someone else.

    Btw I LOVE the picture in your sig!
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  • We went to my pastor and there was no charge.  I am a member of that church. 
    If your pastor is officiating, there may not be a charge.
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