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Need Ideas for a Local, Mini-Honeymoon

Our actual honeymoon isn't until September, but we want to celebrate for a couple days directly after the wedding in May. since we have limited time, we are looking for somewhere in MA. Any suggestions?

Re: Need Ideas for a Local, Mini-Honeymoon

  •  I think you'll have better luck posting this on the local board! (As far as specific places go).

     Idea wise, I'd take a look/search B&B's, nicer hotels with honeymoon suites, smaller resort style places, etc. Maybe look into what there is to do that you'd be interested in, & that's close to where you're staying. (If you want to do a few activities, etc). See what there is for restaurants, if you think you'll want to go out to eat, vs eating in. Those would be a few of my top things to look for! :)

     Good luck!

  • Where in MA, and what do you like to do? From west to east, you could do the Berkshires (B&Bs and hiking), Northampton (funky town with fun restaurants and shopping), Boston, or the Cape. There are lots of other options, but those are my favorites.
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    FI and I love the Omni Hotel in downtown Providence. The beds there are amazing so it's our go-to for a little night away.

    Boston, Berkshires. If you have a 3 day weekend you can go to Maine or NYC.



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