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I know this isn't "invites and paper" but this was the closest topic I could find.

Setting up my website with and my widgets keep vanishing! I've now typed in my hotel information about 10 times this afternoon and it just won't save no matter how many times I press the save button. If I navigate away from the editing page, it's like I DIDNT JUST SPEND 30 MINUTES ADDING ALL MY INFORMATION! I can't even find a way to contact support on their website.

Anyone out there using Appy Couple for their website? Have any tips? For both how to save my work, AND reducing my stress levels since I already had my Save the Dates printed with my wedding website address (because like an idiot, I thought I'd set up the bare bones of the website, order my STDs, and then leisurely update my website at my convenience).

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    Nevermind! Figured out the problem. But I'll post it here, in case someone else comes along with the same problem. 

    There is no support link on the appy couple website, but you can send an email to info at appycouple dot com. They got back to me in a matter of a few hours!

    They explained that my problem with saving was probably related to my browser. The browser on my work computer (shh... I was doing wedding related things at work) is older, and when I got home I tried to edit my website on my home laptop (using Chrome) and everything worked perfectly. 

    So if you're having trouble with Appy Couple, send an email, or try updating your browser! Now back to finishing my cute website! (P.S. Appy Couple websites are uber cute.)
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