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Beginning to feel the stress...70 days

I'm getting ridiculously tense. I know the most important thing is that at the end of the day we will be married. However, in the last two weeks the following has happened...

Moh had to bow out.
Bm broke her back and had to have surgery... she's fine but worried she'll still be in her brace at the wedding. I told her we'll bedazzled it LOL and if she still needs her walker then we'll attach a basket for her bouquet. She is worried about the wedding and pictures, we're just glad she's okay! If she has her brace in pictures, idc one bit, at least SHE will be there!
Another bm had to have a minor medical procedure done... again, thankful she's ok!
My future at my crappy job has become uncertain and I'm stressed every night I go in.
My step mother posted to me on fb that she and my father will not be attending the wedding, further confirming the disappointment my father has in me.
Today J's friend that said he would provide Dj services for free informed him that we won't be able to be dj afterall so now I have to figure out how I'm going to find money for a different dj.

I'm just feeling like suddenly things are piling up. The only good thing is that J starts a new job Monday but it's out of town so he'll be gone during the week and home on the weekends. Frankly, we need the break. Btwn him being unemployed, he and my daughter bickering all the damn time, my tension and anxiety over my job, things are tense all around.

Hoping things take a good turn soon. I'm not feeling emotionally real good lately.

Thanks for listening to my pity party. I hate talking about this with friends irl bc everyone's first question is whether or not I am changing my mind about getting married. NO, I'm just stressed and freaking out a little.
~*~June 21, 2014~*~

Re: Beginning to feel the stress...70 days

  • Awe! Just remember to breath! Soon the wedding day will be here and none of this will matter :) I'm glad your BMs will be okay and you're taking it graciously. My one BM had to back out due to moving 12+ hours away for a job, so I know a little of how you're feeling. It makes me sad she won't be there for such a big day in my life. Sounds like a break will give you time to recollect your thoughts and work some things out without having other people around. I sometimes tell FI to just not talk to me because my mind hurts lol
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