Chicago City Hall Wedding Help?

Thanks for any input here. We are doing a courthouse wedding downtown. From my understanding, the marriages do not actually take place IN city hall, but across the street at Marriage and Civil Union Court.  As I am a (newborn) photographer myself, pictures are important to me.  So I have some questions after googling image results for "Chicago City Hall Weddings".....
I see lots of pictures being taken IN City Hall, and in front of it. I've been downtown during the week, and it's crazy crowded, but doesn't look this way in the pictures. My fiance says they must have done a Saturday morning wedding. But, while I know that Marriage and Civil Union Court is open Saturday mornings, I would assume City Hall is not?
Also, I'm getting no answer on the phone for Marriage and Civil Union Court, but my assumption would be that cameras would not be allowed in a court house?  As a photographer myself, I'd be heartbroken if I couldn't have pictures of the ceremony. 
Any help?

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