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Which night would you have a "rehearsal" dinner?

jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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Our wedding is on a Saturday afternoon. We are not having a rehearsal at the venue. But I'd still like to have a dinner just to spend time with the VIP's (I don't see my parents often). 
Thursday- my parents and photographer arrive by plane at 1pm. I'm thinking to do the dinner this night around 7pm. Does that seem rushed at all? 
Friday- we have no plans so we could do it this night, but I'm a little concerned about stuffing my face with pizza the night before the wedding. That probably wouldn't be so good on the belly the next morning. 
Is it strange to not have any plans the night before the wedding and just relax? 

Also, we didn't originally budget for this dinner. Is it ok for me to pre-order all the pizza, salads, drinks at the restaurant and not allow people to order for themselves? It's about 12 people. 



Re: Which night would you have a "rehearsal" dinner?

  • Night before the wedding. You don't have to eat pizza. I would call ahead to let them know what to bring out so no menus even hit the table.
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    We had ours the night before our wedding.  I stuffed my face with bread, salad, ravioli, 3 mini cannolis and about 3/4 bottle of wine.  Besides my typical nervous belly when I have something big happening I didn't have any issues.  As long as you aren't eating something strange or new then you should be fine.

    I would also like to note that I didn't feel any regrets eating what I did.  One night is not going to muck up any kind of dieting/working out you have been doing.  I figured it was my wedding weekend and I was going to enjoy myself and that included allowing myself to eat what I wanted.

    As for what you should serve and if having pizza delivered or whatever is okay, yes it is perfectly okay.  It is fine to just order some pies or have a limited menu selection for your RD.

  • I think hosting a rehearsal dinner with pizza the night before the wedding is a good idea.  If you are concerned about not feeling well the next day just have 2 slices and supplement with a salad.  It is impossible to gain weight over night from a few slices of pizza so just enjoy!  I do not know anyone who would be offended if you ordered pizza and salads and did not let them order anything else.  I mean who doesn't love pizza?
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  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    Thanks guys, sounds like a plan!! It's a cute Greek restaurant that my parents love. Every time they fly in to visit they insist on eating there so I know they'll love it and it's a little fancier than ordering take out pizza. My dress is really tight in the midsection but you're right, a slice or 2 won't kill me!!



  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    We are planning to do a family dinner (also not rehearsal, just like you!) the night before the wedding (Saturday night…we are doing a Sunday late afternoon ceremony).

    Although, Fi told me that he'd like to have the rehearsal dinner at an uber fancy restaurant that serves 12 courses! So I'm definitely worried that I'll be uncomfortably stuffed even the next day!
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