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When will you send out Save The Dates?

I was talking to my Matron of Honor this morning and she asked me when was I going to send out the Save the dates, I told her around Aug 2014 since many of our guests/family are out of town I figured a year would be enough time. She told me that that was too early and I should send it out in January 2015 so that they wont forget.

When will you send our your Save the Dates? (If any)

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Re: When will you send out Save The Dates?

  • A lot of my guests are from out of town as well, so we'll be sending our Save the Dates out sometime in November 2014 (according to our wedding planner).
  • They get sent out at the 9 month mark November 2014
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  • I think Oct/Nov. The most important guests like close family/friends already know.
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  • Basically everyone is coming from out of province for ours. We've told most of our close friends and immediate family already, but we might do a more serious round of (email) save-the-dates around November/early December. I'm picking that month kind of selfishly, because I want it to be fresh enough news that people talk about it over Christmas and are then less likely to forget about it...
  • I was going to do Jan 2015 but reading above, I may want to do a bit earlier since 80% of our guests will be out of town and we live in  tourist town so they will need plenty of time to book their rooms. Glad I read this one!!!!
  • We are sending our STD in January '15.  Only a third of our guests are traveling to attend, but since it's during the summer and prime vacation time, we want to give all the guests enough notice.
  • I was also thinking Jan 15.. most of our OOT guest are Facebook friends.. so I doubt anyone will forget. Lol! 9 months in advance sounds good.
  • I am still up in the air... Was thinking around end of August... But may push it til November early December...
  • Just changed my date to 8/8/15 and appreciate all the ideas re: Save the Date send out times. I agree that just before the Holidays is a great idea so friends and family will have something to "discuss" at Holiday gatherings, etc. So excited that I now have "allowed" myself an entire year to plan!!
  • I was going to wait til December, but a lot of things are going on around then (My son's birthday and Christmas and Christmas parties and the list goes on...) So, end of November or January?! Eeek. I dunno now! ( We are getting married August 29th 2015).
  • November...some people book their summer vacations early
  • probably January. Almost all of the close friends who are coming from out of town are in the wedding party anyways, so they have all the info, and my parents have made all of their family members fully aware of the dates.

  • November...some people book their summer vacations early
  • This may be tacky, but I decided I didn't care. I have a close-knit family and we're having a casual wedding. I'm popping a wacky Christmas picture of us in with the Save the Dates and sending them both out mid-December. Most years I can barely get organized enough to send Christmas cards anyway, so I figured this would take care of both things. This gets everyone the info they need in a timely fashion and saves stamps.
  • I'm sending out our Save-the-Dates in January to avoid them getting mixed in with holiday cards and such, or getting lost or overlooked in the craze of the holiday season.  Eight months is enough time, I feel, for everyone to clear their calendars and make arrangements.
  • I just sent mine out two weeks ago.

    Our area is a very popular tourist destination in summer, and rooms fill up quickly. About 40% are from out of town, and they are mostly family so they already are informed. Our Save The Date was more of a way to let everyone know they'll be formally invited closer to the wedding than anything else.
  • I ordered my save the dates yesterday! I won't send them out until the first week of December, but they were 20% off for a few days and I already knew what I wanted. I used wedding paper divas, they have some cute designs and often run discounts if anybody is shopping around...
  • Sending mine out BY November 30! Waiting on a final guest list WITH addresses from Fi.
  • A year is way too early. 6-9 months would be much better.

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  • Personally I don't think they're necessary. If your family and friends know when you're getting married, they've surely already put it on their calendar. They can be helpful if you're having a larger wedding but if it's on the smallish side, save the money :) 
  • Hey! We're going to send them out to our international guests 7 months out, so end of Jan/beginning of Feb, and to US and local guests at the end of Feb for 6 months notice. (Wedding is 8/22)
  • My family is traveling from CT to FL for my wedding.  I sent the save the dates out in January
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