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My best friend just got engaged and I am helping her plan her wedding. Her and her fiance would love Newport and would prefer to have their wedding there but it seems to definitely be out of their price range so they have been thinking about Rockport, MA. They both live on the South Shore and would love to be near the water but her and I are from the North Shore and she wouldn't mind having it in that area as well.  Her fiance is in the military and they will be moving in October 2015 so they need to have the wedding before then. Their budget is very small so they were thinking of having a small ceremony with just close family and then a reception at a restaurant with family and friends. Are there any restaurant locations in Mass near that water that are affordable and can accommodate a small/medium reception (definitely under 100 people)?? Also does anyone know of any venues that have military discounts?

Thank you!!!

Re: Affordable Restaurant for Wedding Reception

  • Try "The Rudder" in Gloucester.
  • Not sure about military discount - but maybe ? Its on the water, and have different rooms that accommodate different sized parties. If they are looking to cut down on price, most places are cheaper for a brunch/lunch rather than dinner. 
  • I'm also thinking about looking at The Rudder so let me know how it goes. Also, what about The Gloucester House or Stonewood Tavern in Peabody? I also heard The Bradford Inn is good. I am looking for the same type of venue. Can you tell? :)
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