cash bar????????

So I have usually only been to wedding in Wisconsin that serve beer and soda for free and then have a cash bar. I myself never thought it was tacky to have a cash bar and just serve tap beer. In Wisconsin people drink more in general and the thought of having a cash bar is scary. Can other Wisconsin brides share their thoughts with me???????/

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Re: cash bar????????

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    My wedding is up in the Sheboygan area and many of our guests are driving after the wedding so I completely understand your concern. What we are doing is having an hour and a half cocktail hour with beer, wine, and two signature cocktails hosted, followed by beer and soda hosted all night. We are also having a cash bar, but all alcoholic beverages will stop being served an hour before the end of the reception. 

    I'm also looking into having a shuttle to the near by hotels that people are staying at, but cash bar, in Wisconsin I have found to be very typical :)

    Good luck!
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