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We are looking at different flavers for the filling for our wedding cake and we are clueless! We are thinking a marble cake as that is both our favorites, but do we pair it with a buttercream filling or Bavarian cream filling? We are thinking possibly a raspberry flavored. Which choice of cream would everyone else choose?

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  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I love banana cream and strawberry cream. I don't know how that would pair with marble cake because I hate marble cake, but I'm sure any creamy filling would be good.
  • I would probably go hazelnut or chocolate mousse filling with marble cake... and buttercream frosting. 

  • Would we be better off getting a white or yellow cake instead of marble?
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    missummer said:
    Would we be better off getting a white or yellow cake instead of marble?
    I think so, yes. I personally think raspberry goes better with white and Bavarian creme with yellow. Just personal preference though, there's no rule.

    Have you gone for a tasting? When FI and I went, the baker had us choose 3 cakes, 3 fillings, and 3 frostings, and gave us a pile of each on a big platter. Then we could mix and match each bite until we decided exactly what we wanted. We landed on lemon cake with fresh strawberries and cream cheese frosting. 

    Remember you don't always have to choose just one type - you can do different combos per layer (or using separate "kitchen cakes" in the back - sheet cakes to make up your remaining servings that aren't decorated as intricately as your main cake, so they save money). You may just need more total servings that way though as people may want to try a piece of each flavor.

  • Yum! I love marble cake! I would have buttercream frosting. For the filling, I'd say either chocolate ganache or mocha chocolate.
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