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Hi, I am helping plan a shower for my friend, it's actually a baby shower.  I am not from NJ, but do live up here now, but do not know the area that well yet.  We are looking for a venue in Northern NJ (Nutley/Bloomfield/Clifton) and hoping to spend about $20/person including tax and tip.  Do you have any recommendations for a venue?  We are hoping to plan the shower for a Sunday.

Thanks for all your help! 
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Re: Shower Venue

  • It is a little further south but check out Boulevard Five72 in Kenilworth. They have an amazing brunch and it is $24.00 a person.
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    Check out the Brownstone. My mom wanted to have my bridal shower there, but initially wanted to do a Saturday and the price or time they gave her wouldn't work.

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  • Thank you ladies!!!  If anyone has any other suggestions, that'd be great, so then I can give a list to my friend's mom :) 

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    One of my coworkers had her baby shower at Cielo in Fairfield. I've been there several times and the food is pretty good. I've had a few work events there, and they were really great about working with us on prices.

  • This is a bit further but how about the Montville Inn? They have a brunch too and a private room. My friend had her baby shower there. I'm not 100% sure of the price per person though.
  • I hate to be Debbie Downer but you really don't have many options for $20 pp that includes taxes and tip. You would have to find a place for less than $15 pp which is no small feat in NJ. I just had my baby shower in the area and the cheapest place we found was $25 pp plus taxes and tip.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions ladies, I truly appreciate your input!!  Yeah I know the budget is not that great, not really much I can do about that though, so just trying to work with what we got. 

    Least expensive I have found is the Brownstone in Paterson, NJ (thanks silver0319) family breakfast at $12/person, then adding tax and tip, that was a nice menu and beautiful rooms.  I also found the Porter House in Montvale, NJ and their brunch is $19.95/person, then add tax and tip, their menu looked fabulous as well.

    Thank you for all the suggestions ladies!!  Please keep more coming if you know of any.  This is really helpful to me since I am still not that familiar with Northern NJ being from Philly.
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