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Hello all,
I was hoping I could get some help on the wording of our invitation insert that gives the minimum of info for the reception but in all actuality we would much prefer people go to our website as that way they can RSVP online as well as Google maps directions and links to registries and such.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    City, State

    Rsvp. (our wedding website)

    Technically, you are not supposed to put your wedding website on your invitation.  We enclosed a small business size card with this ;

    For information about accommodations, directions, and other information, please visit our wedding website at (our wedding website).
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    The website info is not on the invitation itself, hence the reason for the extra inserted page.  You put into words exactly what I had been thinking of, just couldn't seem to put it to paper
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    Address removed and I will add my mailing address to the insert as well then... to be honest I hate doing the registry stuff anyhow, I hate receiving gifts.  I am the guy in the room that everyone has to cajole into catching up with them at Christmas.

    Thanks again for all the info, helps a bunch
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    @CMGragain can you remove his website link from your response?

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