After Ceremony Limo Etiquette

My mind is pretty made up on this one, but I will indulge my FH. We plan on getting a limo to take us girls to the ceremony and from there take the entire bridal party around town for photos while our guests have some downtime at an open house hosted by my parents. Most of our bridal party will have a spouse/date that is NOT standing up in the wedding (we have 10 plus my fiancée and myself. 12 total). Do we allow/invite spouses and dates on the limo with us while we take pictures or not? This would require us having transportations for around 24 people.

Re: After Ceremony Limo Etiquette

  • We have the same numbers as you, and we have invited our wedding party's SOs to ride around with us. A couple local people have declined, but a few are out of town and one is also a close friend who said she was really looking forward to it. I would ask to see who is even interested, since if some people don't want to you won't need quite as much room.
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    I was thinking about this same situation. I was planning on having the SOs ride in the limo with us --we have a much smaller bridal party though. Good luck!
  • We did the same and I invited ALL WP dates/SOs on the bus.  I'll be honest, if I was invited to a wedding that H was standing in and I didn't know anyone, I'd be bored to tears at an open house or in the hotel.  Even if I'm not going to be taking pics, I'd love to just be with H, I'd be way more comfortable. It's the polite thing to do.

    However, we had 7 on each side (14 right there, plus all their dates) so I had to rent a pretty big bus.

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