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All Inclusive Beach Resort IN the US??

Hi all!!

Does anyone know of any All Inclusive Beach Resorts within the US -- Florida or the US Virgin Islands for example? We have too many people without passports and not enough time to get them to consider anywhere outside the US. I have seen a few options, but many of them are so pricey. Searching continuously brings up Club Med Sandpiper, which I have been to and love, but it is on a river not a beach.


Re: All Inclusive Beach Resort IN the US??

  • I don't know of any in the us that are all inclusive. For the Caribbean vibe without the passport, your only real choices are the Florida keys or maybe Miami
  • Yes the Keys may be the way to go after all!
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    I know that there is a club med in florida that is all-inclusive. I've never been to it though.

    Never mind. - just realized you already know about club med. Sorry. 

    You may want to consider puerto rico then. You may not need a passport there.
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  • Im having my wedding in Key West and we did a lot of site tours while we were down there (between -8) and I didn't find any hotels that did an all inclusive (I would think for them it would just be too costly). You could check trip advisor and see if you can search that way? Good luck :)
  • The USA has a regulation about having all inclusive resorts with the USA. Which is they are not allowed. Thats why Hawaii doesn't have any. Apparently they can offer semi- all inclusive though. I wish I could find the article I read about a year ago about why the USA doesn't have them. 

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  • As the other brides have said, the US does not allow AI resorts for whatever the reason but my girlfriend got married last October in Key Largo and we had a blast. It was about the same price as an AI, maybe a little cheaper even. We paid around $275 for the flight, $170 a night for the hotel and then obviously money on food and drinks. The nice thing about the hotel was the fact that they let us bring our own alcohol down by the pool so we saved A LOT being able to do that, however I know most hotels are pretty strict about bringing in your own drinks. I would say all in all we spent around $600 for flight and hotel plus spending money, food, drinks etc.

    I think the keys are a great option! and Key Largo was even less expensive than Key West!

  • Per person obviously! sorry...just wanted to add that
  • For anyone interested the issue with AI in the US is alcohol. The FDA does not allow unlimited alcohol. So there are resorts that have some meal inclusions but that's about it. 
  • Thats it!  I knew the Semi all inclusive had food options, but I couldn't remember why they banned All inclusive. 
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    Huh who knew -- thanks for the knowledge and advice!! We are trying to sort out a US resort destination now and just try to provide as many meals, etc as we can!
  • Glad I could help shed some light on the situation. If your party aren't planning on imbibing much then you might save money just getting meal plans state side but other wise a small plane ride to the carribean is much cheaper than $7 cocktails! 
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    I hope this will be helpful.  We are getting married at Caneel Bay on St. John (US Virgin passport needed) in June and are pleased that they include breakfast daily.  They bring it to your room, or you can join other guests for breakfast buffet style.  Lunch & dinner are not included, but there are lots of places on the island that we want to try anyway so we are ok with venturing out on our own.  Good luck!
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