Milwaukee venue review request - Joey Buona's

My fiancee and I are considering Joey Buona's as a potential reception space for approximately 180 guests.  Does anyone have experiences they can share?  If you have attended or held your own wedding there, where was the ceremony?  We are also looking for non-church ceremony spaces in that vicinity.  Thanks!

Re: Milwaukee venue review request - Joey Buona's

  • We are doing our rehearsal dinner with Joey Buona's for about 45 people.  I've had no issues at all with their sales people.  Everything has been great.  We also did my college graduation there.

    Did you talk to them yet about the space.  I'm just thinking of the upstair space should work for 180 but might be alittle tight.  Issue also is that they do book side rooms for the party so you'll/could have other guest parties going on at the same time and guests would have to walk through your reception to get to their party.  I know the night of our rehersal dinner there is another party in the large space, we're going to have to walk through this party to get to our room.  Overall though I do love Joey Buona's great party space.

    Ceremony...most places in the immediate area that I know of require you to have your reception there to use their space.  Maybe try the Milwaukee Historical Society building, or one of the county parks? 

  • Thanks @muenginerd! I have been in touch with their sales folks and we would end up reserving the whole second floor, so I don't forsee an issue with other parties.  I'm happy to hear that you've had good experiences in the past.  Thanks for your input!
  • I went to a wedding there last year, I though it was lovely.  The space was beautiful and the food was FANTASTIC.
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