Rustic Ceremony/Reception - Help!

I'm looking for an outdoor rustic wedding location/ideas. We are looking at getting married 05/02/15 and are having a difficult time finding a ceremony/reception venue in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. My fiancé and I are simple and aren't a huge fan of ballrooms. 

Ideally, we'd love a barn venue but all the options around Omaha/Council Bluffs have closed within the past few years. 

So far we've looked at:
Bellevue Berry Farm
Aspen Room
Willow Creek Glass Chapel 
A View at Fontenelle

Anyone have any other suggestions? 

Re: Rustic Ceremony/Reception - Help!

  • Bellevue Berry Farm was going to be my suggestion. Although I have never been to a wedding there, I worked a bridal fair there and loved the atmosphere. Best of luck with your planning!
  • It's not a barn, but for a venue on a smaller budget, NP Dodge Park's venue has been redone, and while it's very nice now, it could easily be turned I to ore of a "rustic" look. It comes with picnic tables, has large white Globe lights that hang from the ceiling, 2 of the walls have garage type doors that can be raised up to the docks on a lake on one side and an open grassy area with large trees on the other side (perfect for ceremony spot). Has a kitchen and bar, nice bathrooms. I recently went to a wedding there that had a "vintage" type thing, burlap and lace down the picnic tables, that kind of stuff, and it turned out really cute.

    Hope that helps. Good luck in your search!

  • We are doing ours at The Regency Lodge Hotel - It's a "lodge" feel and is nice. Check it out!
  • Lied lodge nebraska city
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