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Help -- Where should I get married?!

Hi!  I'm new to the knot but here's my major dilemma that I am dealing with.  I am from Philadelphia, PA area however my fiance and I just moved to Cleveland, OH area because he was recently relocated.  His family is huge and mainly from Ohio and Canada.  My family is very small and basically all in Philly area.  We've thought about having the wedding here in Cleveland but I feel like all of his huge family will attend and a small amount of my side will be able to make it.  We've thought about a destination like the Caribbean but his grandmom wouldn't be able to fly.  We've thought about driveable places for both families and came up with Finger Lakes, NY.  We're also on a pretty tight budget so I feel completely overwhelmed.  Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!!!


Re: Help -- Where should I get married?!

  • I'm sorry to hear you're overwhelmed.  I can kind of relate.  My fiance and I are from two different parts of the world.  I'm from the US and he's from NZ.  We currently live in NZ but I didn't want to get married here because it would really limit who could come from my side (all in the US and UK).  Like your fiance, mine also has a big family and if it were here it would be overrun by family.  We decided on Hawaii.  It's smack dab in the middle for everyone (except those in the UK).  This forces a smaller wedding, which ultimately is what we wanted.  There are a lot of people on his side who aren't happy about it.  That's just the way it is.
    I would pick where you want and what feels best to you and your fiance.  Make an invite list, however big or small it's your choice.  That's just the way it is.  I've had to take the attitude that I won't let anyone piss on my parade.  It's hard, but regardless, you will not please everyone.  It just won't happen.  All you need to please is yourselves in the end.  It's your day.  That's what we've chosen and I realize everyone doesn't like it.  But it will be an amazing and magical day.
  • I would suggest a new location. Pick somewhere that can then be special for the both of you. There are lots of drivable location but I personally think for budget reasons an AI in the Caribbean makes the most sense. Stay 7 days and come back married :) 
  • Finger Lakes will be beautiful!
  • Hurm. I guess I would be very helpful but maybe you could find a play theatre in the middle. We had decided on that before we decided on a destination wedding. It was a lot cheaper than most places cause they use use weddings and parties to help fund when they dont have shows going on. Great pics and party favors you could do. Hope you find something!!
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