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Bridesmaid Gifts

I am struggling to figure out what to get for my girls. I kinda liked the robe idea, but the last thing I want to worry about it buying things that don't fit. So I have moved onto other ideas, but I'm still struggling with if I should get them all the same thing or each something different. What you you doing for your bridesmaids?

Re: Bridesmaid Gifts

  • I've gotten all of my girls something I think they would like. I don't want them to think they have to use something for "my" day. I did stick with a general theme for all of them, drinks. I got one BM some gourmet tea, another juice glasses, and another hand blown wine glasses. Basically whatever I would get them for their birthday or Christmas.
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  • I've been getting my girls things that are specific to them, like birthday shopping. for example, one of my bms is a HUGE Marilyn Monroe fan and I was able to find a coffee table book filled with snapshots and other photos of MM. Another bm had mentioned that she was really wanting to get family photos done before her oldest goes to college this fall but that right now it wasn't something that they could splurge on (she's the one who broke her back), so I bought her a sitting with my photographer and a photo album. My daughter (moh) and our "jr bm" will be getting necklaces. Another bm will be getting a belt with her name on it...she's young and a complete redneck country girl :). The other two bms, I went to the their Pinterest boards to find things that interest them. Our officiant (J's cousin) will be getting an Aaron Rogers something or other...I haven't decided on which of the two things I think she'll like best. My brother, who will be giving me away, will be getting Michigan State University wine glasses.

    Definitely shop as if it's their birthday or xmas. and it doesn;t have to be expensive, just personal to show your appreciation for being a part of your wedding :)
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  • I got all my girls monogrammed robes (I knew they would all like something like that though...it just depends on your girls) with a matching monogrammed tote bag, and then filled the tote bag with goodies. I filled it with things like their favorite candy, nail polish, sunglasses, lip balm, energy shots, etc. But I agree with the previous posts about doing what works for your girls. Each of my girls will love that stuff, but we're all the same age and in the same social circle, with similar personalities. If you have any varying factors, then you probably need to shop for individual gifts.
  • I got a monogrammed robe as a BM gift for a wedding, it was pretty silly, she got them for us just so she could get pictures of us wearing them.  We got one rushed pictured of them before we had to put on our dresses.  It was more of a prop for her wedding than a gift.

    My girls are getting a kate spade wristlet and something more personal and suited to their personality.  That I haven't decided yet.  I also bought them shawls to wear since they got strapless dresses and my church requires covered shoulders


  • melbensomelbenso Hoth, apparently
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    My FI makes jewelry, so he is making a necklace for each of my bridesmaids. He's making something for the groomsmen too.
  • wabanziwabanzi
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    I only have the two women.  I did buy their dresses and all accessories for the wedding.  I also got them robes and slippers (but those are really for the morning pics--but I think they will still like them).  I made them each some jewelry too.  But I guess their real "gift" is a massage and facial, plus a purse (NWR,non-matching, selected by what I think they will like).

    What I am stuck on is the flower girls (age 2.5 and 4 years) and the ring bearer (3 years).  I don't have anything for them as of yet.  
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  • Here's one of my bridesmaids gifts

    Since I only have 2 and one is my sister and daughter, these are fitting. They also have another "daughter" bracelet, so I'm going to order that as well.
  • Shop like it's their birthday :) That being said, all of my girls are girly. I got them a bath kit. It has a poof, body butter, bubble bath, sprays, shower gel, etc in it all in a nice basket. I'm also getting them 3 in 1 shampoo, body wash, bath soap too. Freaking love that stuff :) I don't have anything for the ring bearer yet... I guess I should work on that.
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  • I'm sticking to tradition and buying them the jewelry they will be wearing for my wedding. However, I also stole my sister-in-law's idea of also buying them their favorite candy or snack. She did that for me for her wedding and I loved it. Simple, not very expensive, and they'll still love it. :)
  • I bought my bridesmaids some items from their Pintrest boards (a purse and bracelet for one, and shoes for another). For my MOH I paid for half of fees to FanExpo. @emilykring do the younger girls have Pintrest?
  • The jewelry they are wearing for your wedding is not a bridesmaid gift... there is nothing "traditional" about that.
  • I'm doing a lock and key theme, so I'm getting all my girls different key necklaces or bracelets. Hope they like 'em.
  • Ours is a Boston theme so part of their gift will be the Alex and Ani Boston bangle. 
  • ShellD13ShellD13 Can't get there from here
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    emily327523 said:
    I'm in the same boat with a month to figure it out! So far, I bought each of them a tote bag from Thirty-One with their names on it. I'm trying to figure out what to fill it with. I'm thinking a FEW things they may need for the day (chapstick, advil, etc) but then personalizing them. Wine for the wine lovers, coffee for the coffee people, gift cards maybe...just struggling on the younger girls (ages 18 and 20). Any ideas??
    My 15 and 16 yo step daughter and foster daughter are big fans of Ulta, Pink, and Forever 21 - if you are still looking for ideas for your younger bridesmaids.
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