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Costco flowers

Hey guys! Have any of you used Costco's floral packages for your wedding?

I am using them (I'm not a big flower person, I just want some real flowers), and I'm curious what people did with them once they got them? I'm having them delivered the friday before the saturday wedding and I'm not sure if they'll be ok at my house the night before the wedding? I have a friend who offered up her mom's wine cellar to store them for the night, but if they will be fine at my house I don't want to put anyone out. you know?

Thanks :)

Re: Costco flowers

  • You want to keep them as cool as they can be without freezing. This will prevent them from wilting overnight, and from opening too soon. How many did you order? Is a small enough number that you can fit them in your fridge?

    Also, let us know how it goes! I'm considering Costco as an option, too.

  • We ended up keeping them in my basement. Followed all the instructions that they sent with them and they looked great! - Only problem was my mother arranged the centerpieces the day of and forgot to put water in with them.....so they all died half way through the reception :(

    Oh well. It really sucked at the time but honestly now I just keep thinking about the story I'll have to tell down the road in 20 years hahahah
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