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Anyone wear clip in extensions?

My hair is pretty fine and thin so I was thinking about wearing extensions for the wedding. I have no experience with them so I am looking for advice from ladies that wear them frequently. I tried on clip in extensions and had two concerns. 1. it was a lot of hair for me and I think it will be obvious I am wearing them. When you first started, did anyone notice? 2. are they comfortable? I am going to dance my ass off at my wedding so I want them to be comfortable. I could always take them out half way through but then people would really notice!! 

Any other advice from frequent clip in users is appreciated! 

Re: Anyone wear clip in extensions?

  • I wore clip ins every day for about a year while I was growing my hair out. I loved them! At first people noticed of course because I had a short bob cut and the extensions went just past my shoulders. If you invest in the right kind though they blend so well its almost impossible to tell that it isn't your hair. I would say for the most part they are pretty comfortable. It took me a few days to get used to wearing them, so I would recommend wearing them a before your wedding. I also would recommend making the investment and purchasing  the "real hair" extensions. The synthetic hair looks fake and you can't style it with curling irons or flat irons like you can the real hair. I think mine cost me about $120 at Sally's




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  • I also wore them for about a year while I was growing my hair out, and I still put them in now from time to time if I'm going out somewhere fun and I just want my long long hair back!  I used foxylocks extensions and they are awesome!  I took them to my hair dresser so she could put layers in them and even she said they were great quality.  People knew I had extensions because one day my hair was shoulder length and the next day it was past my boobs.  So it wasn't a secret or anything!  But I didn't think they were uncomfortable at all.  I'm planning on wearing them again for my wedding because my hair is pretty thin and even though I am not wearing my hair down, I still want it to look nice and full.
  • Thanks girls. I ended up getting some real hair ones. It came with 7 different sections and I find that I really only need to wear 2 of them, otherwise I look like I have way too much hair. 
    They are really fun, especially when curled!! I will be having my hairdresser style my hair for my trial with them in. 
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