November 2014 Weddings

Hello all!

Just saying a quick hi! I'm a new November bride!

I'm Fiona and my fiance is Sophie and our date is set for November first! We're very excited as we have been together for 10 years! And technically we've been engaged for 8 of those!

I popped the question to her 8 years ago (right after we finished college) and she said yes. Then I we both started on our post-graduate work (grad school for me, law school for her) and realized we couldn't plan a wedding on top of everything else so decided to wait. After I got my masters and she entered her third year of law school we decided to start planning for a wedding, sometime in the fall after she graduated, then my mom got sick. Mom got better but then life happened. Nothing major, but enough that wedding planning took a back seat and we just kind of...forgot about it.

The DOMA got repealed, my mom married her girlfriend and Sophie re-proposed to me! So now, we've set a date and we are officially getting hitched. We swear this time!

Alright, so that's our story in a nutshell. 

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