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Hair Accessory

OK. I have been all over the internet, all over Etsy, to the mall, David's Bridal, Terry Costa, Charming Charlies, etc looking for a hair accessory and I can't find what I am looking for. I want a clip or comb that goes on the front side of the head. Kind of like the pic attached. I don't want a headband and the clip or comb has to be curved or bendable or it won't form to my head right. Any suggestions  or places I should check out? I have ordered 2 off of Etsy and they don't bend so they stick out instead of cupping my head. Sigh. Thanks!

Re: Hair Accessory

  • Have you tried Stardust Celebrations?  They have some in their accessories department - but I don't know how much they are.
  • A Bridal Blossom boutique on Lovers would probably have a great selection.

  • This might be a dumb question, especially coming from someone who refused to DIY ANYTHING for my wedding, but have you considered making one?  Hobby Lobby and Michaels have great pieces that seem like they'd match what you want (or you could probably order something off Amazon), and you could probably find a dozen videos on tutorials for making your own hairpiece.



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