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Hey ladies,
Just wondering if anyone else is running to this issue...I started handing out invites this week and I had 2 friends ask to bring someone with them. Both invites just had their names and not plus one. Neither have girlfriends and know others who are attending the wedding. I told them I couldn't give a plus one because the cost was getting too high...their response both were "we can pay for our meals". I didn't think I was being rude by not giving them a plus one.

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    I would just let them know that the invitation was only for them, and that you can't accommodate two more people.  You don't have to tell them why, and I'd stay away from money or space issues because they might do exactly what they did (offer to pay for dates) or they might tell you to let them know if people decline.  I'd stick to your decision, and you have no reason to worry if they are truly single.
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  • It sounds like you will just have to go with the "because I said so." I don't think that people who have never planned a wedding fully grasp everything that goes with it. We told our friends up front that we were not including plus ones. It's tough love, but it's YOUR day.
  • As long as they're truly single you do not need to give them a plus one. Its best to stick to your guns and just say "We're not able to accommodate your friend, but we hope you'll still join us". Let them know that you'll sit them at a fun table of other singles.
    If they do actually have a significant other, however, you'll need to add the girl/boyfriend to the invitation. Its an event celebrating love and relationships....
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