Blocking Hotels

How early is too early to block a hotel?

Re: Blocking Hotels

  • It's not really too early depending on the season.  For this coming summer we booked at 15 months out and three of the major hotels in the city were already full to the point they weren't execpting room blocks.  Winter time may be alittle easier to get into a hotel, fall is just as busy as the summer.


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    So we are planning our wedding next June, I should start looking for Hotels to block?
  • ABSOLUTELY!  My June wedding we booked our hotel block in March.  Now there are three other weddings at my hotel and we are stuggling to get more rooms added to the block (it's working out though because we had everything detailed in emails).... This being in Milwaukee, if you are not in a big city you may not have such a rush.

    It doesn't hurt anything to book hotels early.

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