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when is Lent over?

H seems to think his Lenten sacrifice is done as of noon tomorrow. I always thought it was technically vigil tomorrow night (but I always wait till easter).

what say you Catholic board? bonus points if you can share your source.

Re: when is Lent over?

  • The liturgical season of Lent is technically over at the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday which leads into the Triduum, which is its own liturgical season. Fasting is supposed to "intensify" until after Easter Vigil.

    Good Friday is a day of abstaining from meat and fasting rules apply all day. 

    Personal chosen penances are at one's own discretion and are not obligatory, though if one has been faithful to it throughout Lent (solemnities excluded), it wouldn't make much sense to indulge in the middle of a day of fasting. 

  • Yeah, it's just always made sense to me that you don't stop your sacrifice and start celebrating until the Church pronounces Christ is risen, so I've always waited at least until Easter Vigil.  Depending on what the sacrifice is, I may wait until Easter Sunday.

  • my mom said that it ends at Noon Saturday.

    but growing up we always said it ended midnight saturday (easter sunday).

    i think she just wanted her chocolate eggs early....  

  • IrishPirate60IrishPirate60 Clare Island member
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    Your mom is still living in the past, Calypso. The Triduum, Holy Thursday-Good Friday-Holy Saturday, is a whole season unto itself. It is not Lent. Lent is over Holy Thursday, before the liturgies begin.
  • For purposes of indulging in whatever I give up, after the Easter vigil. We had a tradition in college that we'd all go out for ice cream and drinks after the vigil, which took care of the two things most people gave up; chocolate and alcohol. For regular purposes, Holy Thursday, as pps said.
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