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Sent invite, misspelled name!

My cousins husband (first name), to be exact, as his name is on the invite as mr. and mrs. first name last name....

I realized it two days after I mailed them. Should I say that I just realized and say oops so sorry, or pretend it never happened and  just correct it for all future stationary?

I was so focused on the unique spelling of their childrens names I messed his up! I feel like an idiot! Sigh...

Re: Sent invite, misspelled name!

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    I'm not sure how you would manage to mail something knowing it's wrong. How do you KNOW you misspelled it?

    It sounds like an honest mistake (like maybe you needed to look at the guest list more carefully, or had it written two ways in different locations or something).

    Dunno what the "approved" answer is, but if you're close and know you screwed up, I'd call and apologize for the error--and confirm spelling while I'm at it.

    If you aren't close, I would contact the person who gave you the name (aunt? Mom?) and say, "hey, I'm going over my guest list and I wanted to check that a couple of these names were spelled correctly, can you confirm these for me?" I wouldn't change stationery until you're positive you have the correct spelling in hand.
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    I mailed them two days ago, but realized my mistake tonight. I used an i in his name when it really should be a y. I had it wrong on my list from the start. It was an honest mistake although nobody's but mine!

    She posted on fb tonight about his birthday ( he is not on fb) and a bunch of people wrote happy birthday ______.

    So yeah, I definitely had it wrong. I'll probably shoot her a quick message.

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    I would probably send a quick message acknowledging the mistake.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    AddieCake said:
    I would probably send a quick message acknowledging the mistake.
    This.  And make sure you write it correctly on the thank you note!  
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