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Feeding Bridal Party before ceremony/reception - no dairy or gluten

My BMs will be getting ready with me before the ceremony (10:00 am to 2:00 pm) and I want to ensure they are all well fed and well hydrated. I wanted to keep things simple and affordable. Sandwiches and salad were what I was thinking of, but one of my BMs cannot eat gluten and is allergic to dairy. I don't think it would be fair to just give her salad. I plan on talking to her as well about food options, but I thought I would check in here too since you all have amazing ideas and advice :)

Re: Feeding Bridal Party before ceremony/reception - no dairy or gluten

  • Do you have a local sandwich place/deli that can do dairy and gluten free options? Most places have these options nowadays. I think Panera even has a gluten-free and dairy-free menu now. 

    You could also grab some fruit and veggie platters, hummus, lettuce wraps, soups, heartier salads, etc.
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    Panera would be great. Their soups are delicious and filling, especially when combined with their salads.

    Are you open to options outside of sandwiches? A great deal of Asian cuisine is dairy and gluten free. You can choose from ramen soups, pho, curry dishes, noodle and rice dishes, meat & veggie dishes or sushi. Some grocery store delis even have affordable, pre-made maki/sushi rolls.

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  • I think I'd set out a tray of sandwiches/wraps, some fruit salad, a hearty grain based salad (gluten and dairy free), and maybe a selection of cut veggies with humus and baba ghanouj.  That should be healthy and filling while offering allergy-conscious options.
  • Thank you ladies for all your wonderful ideas, especially the Asian food, which I had not thought of. I spoke with my BM last night and let her know what I was thinking about and she said that she could bring her own gluten free sandwich (to which I let her know no way! I would be hosting her), and she gave me some places that she knows offer gluten free bread or told me I could get her a salad meal with chicken.

    But I definitively will add some fruit and veggie trays as well. Thanks again for all your help! :)
  • As someone who also doesn't eat gluten or dairy, it's really not all that hard to find things to eat! If you supplied sandwiches, see if you could get one with no cheese, wrapped in lettuce for her. Salads are usually pretty easy to adapt too. 

    I think it's great you are being so mindful of her dietary needs, especially on a day that most are "it's all about me!"... You sound like a wonderful friend :)
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